Random Line works with over 2000 people in a twelve month period ranging from school aged children to older adults. We work with a range a disability from mild to profound multiple learning difficulty (PMLD)

Random Line is a professional arts based organisation producing very high quality work at a national level. People can become involved within this work at several levels: as participants in workshops/events, as participants in projects, as members of an audience or as a core member of the company.

Core members are the artists at the heart of the company. To become a core member people must demonstrate a high level of interest, commitment, enthusiasm and have support to enable them to take a full part in a busy programme. Random Line supports people through all stages of this process - starting as participants in projects/workshops and developing into a core member, taking full responsibility for performances and projects. We have seen individuals transform and develop a personal confidence that would be hard to attain through any other process. For more detail please see the two case studies - follow the links below.

The artistic work of Random Line is developed in collaboration with Artistic Director: Andrew Williams a multi media artist who’s work is known nationally and internationally.

Case Studies -

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Case Study 1
Barry Davies Case Study 2
Kelly Hinks


Barry Davies - Performer

Barry is involved in all aspects of Random Line. He is a board member, rehearsal director, leader of the workshop team and member of the digital media team

Clive Medcalf - Performer & Sound

Clive specialises in physical theatre, spoken word and the creation of sound He is a member of the Breathe event team and digital media team

Jenna Jackson - Performer

Jenna specialises in dance and physical theatre. She is a key member of the workshop team and leads warm up activities for the company.

Julie Hewitt - Sound & Digital Media

Julie is a member of the Digital Media Team, workshop & event team. She is the main photographer for the company.

Mark O’Neil - Performer

Mark is the longest serving core member. He specialises in physical theatre and is a member of the workshop team.

Sally Morris - Performer and Digital Media

Sally is a member of the Digital Media Team and involved in all aspects of the company. She specialises in physical theatre, sound and digital media. Sally is currently working on her own exhibition.

Warren Bailey - Performer

Warren specialises in physical theatre and movement. He enjoys all aspects of the companies work.

Judith Cantrill - Workshop Leader

Judith is a member of the workshop team and creates music for productions and events. .

Andrew Williams - Artistic Director

Andrew collaborates with members of Random Line to put together a programme of training events, performances and installations.

Performance Team for Second Skin - The Curve, Leicester

Random Line Board

Random Line is managed by a board comprising:

  • John MacMersh
  • Belinda Heaney
  • Schani Cave
  • Andrew Williams
  • Sally Morris (Company Member)
  • Barry Davies (Company Member)

Random Line Performance Company is a registered charity No: 1118935

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